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The commune is situated in the south-eastern part of the county,within the belt of Jura Krakowsko-Cz瘰ochowsko-Wielu雟ka. The commune covers 121 sq km,including 70 sq km of arable land and 35 sq km of forests a part of which was included into the Za喚cza雟ki Scenic Park.
The commune is inhabited by 13,536 people, including 52% of women and 58% of people at working age.The picturesque situation,stunnig karst formations,numerous gorges of the Warta river,streams,forest complexes favouring tourism are advantages of the Dzia這szyn commune.Things worth seeing in the commune include:caves,rocks and lapis lazuli fields,lawns and juniper bushes emitting aromatic oils,island mountains,numerous quarries,strip mines with ilme kilns,the geological reserve "W篹e",the peat bog "Suchy ㄆg" with a rare ecosystem type,the forest reserve "Dabrowa w Ni瘸nkowicach",tourist trails "Prze這m Warty","Rezerwat Rzyrody","Jura Wielu雟ka".First records concernig Dzia這szyn go back to the times of Leszek Bia造's rule.Since the 14th c. one of the oldest trade routes,the so-called boles豉wiecka road linking Kiev and Wroc豉w has run here.In 1412 Dzia這szyn received the civic rights. Towards the end of the 15th c. handicraft and trade with Silesia began developing.At the times of reformation Arian brothers operated in Dzia這szyn,and Wielu starost,Andrzej M璚i雟ki,funded a Calvinist house of prayer.During the Swedish wars regiments of Charles XII marched through the town what resulted in a great havoc.The first half of the 18th c. was a period of reconstrucion and development of trade.After the second partition of Poland Dzia這szyn was incorporated into the Prussina part.During the Second World War Dzia這szyn (the German name-'DILTAL') was thrice bombed.After the liberation reconstrucion started.The systematic development occurred however only in the begging of the 60's. New housing estates and the technical infrastructure arose then.Over 730 economic establishments,the biggest being the Cement and Lime Factory, operate in the commune area. The few historic monuments of the commune include a palace and park complex in Dzia這szyn from the 18th c. rebulit in 1957-1961,and the Rococo-style St Magdalene church from 1787 in Dzia這szyn.The reserve "W篹e" in Za喚cz雟ki Scenic Park is a tourist and natural atrraction.